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Updated 2014 Pure Stock Rules - St. Croix Speedway - St. Croix Falls, WI
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Updated 2014 Pure Stock Rules

Updated 2014 Pure Stock Rules

Effective 1-1-2014
2014 St. Croix Valley Raceway Pure Stock Rules

Rules disclaimer: The rules and regulations set forth are designed to provide for an
orderly conduct of racing events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events and by participating in the events. All participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No expressed or
implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of, or compliance with these rules and
or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.
The St. Croix Valley Raceway officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any
further restrictions that in his/her opinions do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No
express or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alterations of specifications.
Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.
Official’s decisions are final!

• If you are legal at
Rice Lake Speedway, Red Cedar Speedway and Eagle Valley Speedway, you are legal to race at St. Croix Valley Raceway. You must only run one set of track rules.
NO mixing of rules period!
Rice Lake Speedway,
Red Cedar Speedway and Eagle Valley Speedway rules can be found on each track’s respected website.
• Race rules shall apply at all events unless noted.
• St. Croix Valley Raceway Tech official(s) shall have full authority, at the discretion of official(s) in charge, of any competitor and competitor may be disqualified for rule violations, or hazardous equipment, or hazardous actions.
• Engine teardown may be done by track on any car at any time.
• All vehicles are subject to inspection by a St. Croix Valley Raceway official at any time.
• Vehicle approved by the tech inspector means only the inspected vehicle is approved for participation in a competitive event and shall not be construed, in any way, to mean the inspected vehicle is guaranteed mechanically sound. Be it further declared the tech official shall not be liable for any mechanical failure nor for any losses, injuries or death resulting from inspection.
• Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages will be consumed by drivers or their pit crews prior to or during a St. Croix Valley Raceway event. The use, distribution or sale of illegal drugs, at any time, shall be cause for immediate and indefinite suspension.
• Pure Stock drivers must be at least 14 years of age (proof of age required). Drivers under the age of 18 must have a signed and notarized Parental Consent Form by parent or legal guardian and said document must be in the hands of a St. Croix Valley Raceway official before participation of said individual will be allowed.
• Any driver winning two features in a row will start at the back of the redraw thefollowing week. If this driver wins again on the third week, they will start in the back of the feature the following week. At any point they do not win the feature race, this process will start over.
Anything not covered in these rules or tracks General rules will be decided by track officials .
Decisions shall be final.

• Rear wheel drive only full or mid-sized American passenger cars.
• Minimum weight is 3200 pounds and must be clearly marked on race car.
• Vehicles with independent rear suspension must run 25 lbs. of lead or ballast on outside of right front frame horn where bumper bracket meets frame horn. Amount of weight subject to change during season.
Minimum weight is 3200 pounds
• Hood, doors, front & rear quarters may be gutted
• Trunk floor may be opened up for fuel cell
• Lead or ballast may be added. Vehicle # must be clearly marked on lead or ballast
. Vehicle will be disqualified for race if lead or ballast falls off.
• Minimum wheelbase-----1 inch tolerance for factory variances o 108 “for full frame cars o 110” for uni-body cars
• Doors must be welded or bolted shut
• Must have full floor, stock firewall in the front and rear. All holes in firewalls larger than one
(1) Inch must be covered with metal, securely fastened in place.
• Steel mesh screen required on driver’s side of windshield opening. Must also have minimum
of three (3) vertical bars securely fastened at top and bottom in front of driver.
• The interiors may be tinned in.
• The front and rear bumpers must be stock appearing and securely mounted. Loss of bumper results in automatic disqualification of the race.
• Lifting chain with minimum of 5/16” links required on front and rear where bumpers are covered by body panels. Must run from frame rail to frame rail on outside of body panel and solidly attach to bumper.
• Four wheel brakes are mandatory, and they must lock up all four wheels. No altering of the bias block. No brake shut offs of any type.
• Drive shafts must be painted white and have a safety hoop under and behind front u-joint.
• 1 (one) twelve volt battery must be securely mounted in a steel battery box, preferably in the trunk area.
• Aluminum radiators allowed
• No steering quickeners.
• Old GM street stock chassis can be used. Must use GM metric rear end. Steering quickeners must be removed. All weight jacks and adjustable spring perches must be removed.
• Re-skinning or hanging of new tin, or performance body sheet metal will be allowed.

• Fully charged fire extinguishers are mandatory and must be safely secured inside cockpit and must be within reach of driver.
• Window nets are mandatory and must be properly secured prior to entering track surface.
If net is not up prior to start of the race St. Croix Valley Official will secure net but driver must start in back of race. If net fails to be or stay secured during race, driver will be disqualified for that race event.
• Full face helmet mandatory, Minimum of Snell SA2000 Approved only.
• 5-point quick release harness is mandatory. No more than 5years old and in good condition.
• Fire suit, shoes and fire proof gloves are required.
• Neck collar required.
• Aluminum racing seat is mandatory. It must be securely fastened to the frame or the cage
• Fuel cell is mandatory. It must be in a metal case and securely mounted in the trunk area
• Any car deemed unsafe shall be disqualified. Car may not race until it has passed inspection.

• Main cage must be 6 point minimum 1-½ O.D. .95 steel tubing
• 3 horizontal door bars in the driver’s door, excluding frame, 4th bar recommended
• There is a minimum of 2 vertical bars in the driver’s door.
• Cage may extend back to the rear bumper and forward in one continuous loop to front of radiator. It must remain behind original grill area.
• Uni-body cars MUST have sub frames connected.

Effective for 2014 race season, any Hoosier E-Mod, Hoosier 500, or Hoosier 35 will be allowed.
• Grooving and sipping will be allowed
• Steel wheels only. They may be aftermarket. Maximum 8” width. 2”, 3”, 4” or 5” offset allowed. 2" can only be used without a spacer only.
• 1” maximum spacer allowed.
• 1” lug nuts mandatory.
• Oversized studs allowed and recommended.


• 320 cubic inch limit on all motors
• 305 or 307 only. Chevy must run 305 heads
• 302 for Ford (Head must match CID no 351 heads)
• 318 for Mopar. (Head must match CID no 340 or 360 heads)
• Pump gas only. 93 octane maximum. No additives allowed. 10% Maximum ethanol content.
• Timing chain only. No gear drives allowed.

Block, Crank, Rods
• Blocks may be bored .040” maximum, but may NOT be decked. O.E.M stamping on block surface will be checked.
• Crank and rods must be stock for block used. (5.7” for GM) and NOT lightened.
• Balancing NOT allowed.
• Pistons must be cast dished or 4 valve relief flat tops ONLY.
• Hypereutectic pistons and forged pistons NOT allowed. NO domes.
• Crank may be trued .020 only from stock dimensions. NO offset grinding.
• OEM balancer, no fluid balancer.

• Chevy heads MUST be 305 castings. NO Vortec heads allowed.
• Ford heads MUST be 302 castings. GT40P heads OK. NO other GT-40 heads allowed.
• Heads may be trued .010” only Maximum 1 (one) time only.
• Valves must be stock dimensions for head used.
• NO performance enhancing work on heads and block (NO angle milling).
• NO porting or acid porting of any parts.
Cam and valve train
• Hydraulic cam and lifters only.
• Max lift at the valve is .420”.
• Stock or stock replacement, stock ratio rockers (Chevy 1.5:1, Ford 1.6:1) NO roller tip or roller rockers.
• Stock distributor ONLY. May have vacuum advance disconnected or removed.

Intake, Carb and Exhaust
• Cast OEM intake only. NO high rise, vortec or marine intakes allowed. Stock aluminum intake OK.
• NO porting or grinding of any parts.
• Carburetor may be 2 or 4 barrel.
• Rochester for GM cars
• Carter for Mopar’s
• Motorcraft for Ford
• May also run stock 4412 and aluminum, not adjustable adaptor. Carburetion will be limited to one (1) stock Holley 500 CFM 2 barrel, part no. 4412, with a 1-11/16 inch throttle bore. No grinding or polishing of any kind allowed. All carburetor components must be for a 500 Holley. No milling or grinding of throttle shaft allowed. Shaft must stay round. Choke can be removed but NOT the air horn. Must have stock measurements.
•Carb must pass track Go – No Go gauge set.
• Adaptor plate- maximum thickness between carburetor and intake manifold with gaskets and adapter will be 1 3/8 inches. No high performance adapters allowed. Spacer opening must be perpendicular to the base of carburetor. Aluminum spacers only. No adjustable spacers or sliders allowed.
1. Devices below carburetor designed to increase the flow of air are not permitted
2. All air entering the engine will be required to enter through top of the carburetor
• Carburetor MUST remain OEM original. The only modification allowed is the choke mechanism may be removed.
• NO electric fuel pumps. OEM style fuel pumps only
• Exhaust manifold must be stock cast iron. NO center dump allowed.
• Mufflers are mandatory and must be securely mounted. Loss of a muffler results in automatic disqualification. •Exhaust must extend beyond driver’s seat.

• Transmission Claim Rule: $250 Cash only, no exchange, outright only. Claim money must be in Tech official’s hand before feature race begins. Both drivers must finish on lead lap. Refusal is $150 fine and two week suspension.
• Stock 3 speed automatic transmission only (transmission must be able to bolt to motor without alterations)
• All gears must remain functional in transmission. Transmission may not be lightened.
• The car must be able to idle in gear and rev up against torque converter.
• An aftermarket transmission cooler may be used but must not be in driver’s compartment.
• Torque converter must match transmission. No small torque converted, must be 11 inch minimum.
• Converter must hold at least 4 quarts of transmission fluid
• No power glides or C-3 transmissions
• Stock, steel drive shafts only. NO aluminum or dog-bone style drive shafts.
• Locked rear ends required, welded spider gears or mini spools ONLY
No posi’s, lockers, Gold track’s etc.
• Aftermarket stock replacement axles allowed.

• All front and rear suspension must remain stock.
• Sway bar must be connected and functional.
• Stock type shocks only. NO racing shocks.
• No racing springs. Stock type only. Must remain in stock position. Must measure same height and spring rate side to side when removed.
• Stock replacement springs allowed
• All cars rear wheels must track straight ahead, no alignment change or suspension alterations to benefit cornering. This includes worn parts that allow excessive movement. (Will be checked visually and / or with a String Line).
• All cars rear wheels must have zero degrees of camber, +/- half degree.
• Aftermarket OEM spec bushings are OK, no metal bushings
• No offset A-arm cross-shafts

You must run the car that you register. No switching cars or drivers once you signed in at the draw window.
Points will go to the driver, not the car.
Rules infractions of any type whether discovered through a post race inspection or teardown, or in connection with infraction witnessed by a track official are subject to a forfeiture of all money, awards, and points for that event. In addition, a fine of up to $200.00, and/or up to 30 days suspension, and/or loss of all points earned to date. Penalties and sanctions shall be at the discretion of the St Croix Valley Raceway Officials.
St. Croix Valley Raceway will confiscate any and all illegal part
s. All confiscated parts become the property of St. Croix Valley Raceway and may be disposed of at the speedway’s discretion.

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