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A Win for Lynn - St. Croix Speedway - St. Croix Falls, WI
  • Now Racing Sunday Nights in 2016

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A Win for Lynn

A Win for Lynn

After a last minute downpour washed out the races last Friday night, fans and racers returned in droves for the re-boot of kids’ night at St. Croix Valley Raceway. With a local fire truck on hand for the kids to test out their dousing skills, and an on-track autograph session to start the show, kids and parents were entertained into the wee hours with thrilling action. The Northern Vintage Stockcar Racers joined the fun, with Greg Scheffer and Dennis Olson claiming wins in their respective vintage divisions. Regular SCVR wins went to Damon Roberts, Ben Kaphing, Ty Sampair, Cam Shafer, Jason VandeKamp and Scott Splittstoesser.

Chet Atkinson and Justin Oestreich paced the WISSOTA Modified field to green for the night’s final, and most emotional, event. The twenty-lap finale saw Justin Oestreich grab the lead for the first three laps with Scott Splittstoesser, Buzzy Adams, Keith Tourville and Brandon Jensen giving chase, while Adam Ayotte, Kelly Anderson and Steve Lavasseur were jostling for position mid-pack. On the fourth circuit, Splittstoesser got the opening he needed and powered to the point leaving Oestreich to fend off Adams for second. Splittstoesser was stretching his lead until Adams suffered a late race steering failure, causing his #40 to spin in turn one and ending his night six laps early. On the restart, Jensen and Oestreich battled tooth-and-nail for second, allowing Splittstoesser to stretch his lead once more. At the final checkers it was Splittstoesser’s nine year old Larry Shaw chassis claiming the win over Jensen, Oestreich, Lavasseur and Anderson. The victory was a long time coming for Splittstoesser, and tremendously emotional. The year 2007 was the last time “The Black Deuce” of Splittstoesser was parked in Victory Lane, at time when a Shaw chassis was a rarity in this part of the country. In those days, Splittstoesser’s mother, Lynn, was full of life and cancer-free. Scott’s winless streak virtually coincided with his mother’s devastating health battles in recent years, but both mother and son persevered, each relying on the other for strength through their respective trials. Lynn finally lost her battle to lung cancer in the spring of 2013, leaving the Splittstoesser race team to carry on without their emotional leader. Fifteen months after Lynn’s passing, three generations of Splittstoessers celebrated in victory lane, at the very same track where the Black Deuce scored its last win, seven years earlier.

In WISSOTA Midwest Modified action, Jason VandeKamp seems to be gaining momentum on a season already filled with success. Cory Bruggeman and Jacob Toepper paced the 22 car field to green with Mitch Weiss quickly rocketing from the second row to the front. Behind Weiss, John Remington, Toepper, VandeKamp, Josh Bazey, Kevin Marlett and Doug Toepper were all vying for position. By lap three, VandeKamp and Remington emerged as the biggest threats to Weiss and by lap five VandeKamp took over the top spot. A handful of laps later, Remington followed suit but was never able to mount a serious threat to VandeKamp, settling for second two weeks in a row. Behind the lead duo were Weiss, Doug Toepper and Jacob Toepper. The victory was the third for VandeKamp in four events at SCVR so far this season.

A series record-tying eighteen car field thundered to green for the 25-lap UMSS Traditional Sprint feature, with outside pole starter Kevin “the Rocketman” Bradwell leading the way early. Within a handful of laps, Cam Schafer took over the lead and Bradwell pulled into the infield one lap later. Rookie sprinter Jon Lewerer was looking strong running second in front of fellow rookie “The New Richmond Nightmare” Chase Viebrock. Behind Viebrock were reigning Traditional 40 champion Jeff Pellersels and reigning series champion Rob Caho Jr. With seemingly everyone embroiled in a multi-groove throttle-fest for position behind him, Schafer cruised to the win in front of Lewerer, Caho, Mike Mueller and Viebrock. The win was Schafer’s third visit to Anderson’s Maple Syrup victory lane in four events at The Valley this season.

After settling for second in the heat race, Damon Roberts would not be denied in the main event for the Future Fours. Starting outside of the second row behind his father Duane, team Roberts promptly shot to the point with Duane leading the youngster. Lap after lap it would continue, son chasing father, until very late when Damon took advantage of a slight miscue. With just two laps to go, Duane retired to the infield with mechanical woes while Damon went on to claim the win over Bob Carver Jr., Nicki DuBois, Brock Anderson and Tim Thoennes.

Robert Thompson made his 2014 SVCR debut in the Pure Stocks starting on the pole in the main event alongside of heat race winner Ben Kaphing. Once the racing started, Kaphing showed why he sits atop the victory tote board by immediately assuming control of the event. With Kaphing’s Thunderbird handling much better than it did for the heat race, Kaphing led flag to flag for his third consecutive feature win over Don Cook, John Erickson, Thompson and opening night feature winner Darren Kohler.
Youth was served yet again in the UMSS Micro Sprint main, a class that features an abundance of speed savvy teenagers. An all-time series high ten Micros attacked the quarter-mile and reigning series champion Ty Sampair quickly snared the point and never looking back. Behind Sampair, rookie Jack Berger spent several laps trying to find a path around his father Dustin Berger until the race’s midpoint when second heat race winner Val Urman blasted past both of them. Urman was gaining on Sampair in the waning laps but there simply wasn’t enough laps left for the points leader to reel in Sampair. In the end it was Sampair’s #64 parked in the Anderson’s Maple Syrup Victory Lane with Urman, Jack Berger, Grant McIntosh and Dustin Berger rounding out the top five.

On tap for this Friday night, June 20, is the always entertaining Trailer Races in addition to Ladies Night. All regular classes will compete: WISSOTA Modifieds and Midwest Modifieds, UMSS Traditional and Micro sprints, and SCVR Pure Stocks and Future Fours/Minivans. More information may be found on the track’s website,, as well as their Facebook page.


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat 1 – Shane Gerwing, Jacob Toepper, Cory Bruggeman, James Giossi, Greg Arnt, Tony DuBois, Jim Giossi(DNF), Jared Gorka(DNF)
Heat 2 – Josh Bazey, Doug Toepper, Kevin Marlett, Elizabeth Toepper, Kyle Hallin, Shawn Carlson, Samantha Yarusso
Heat 3 – Mitch Weiss, Jason Vandekamp, John Remington, Joe Prusak, Tyler English, Micheal Rukamp(DNF), Jesse Krause (DNF)
Feature – Jason VandeKamp, John Remington, Mitch Weiss, Doug Toepper, Jacob Toepper, Tyler English, Kevin Marlett, Elizabeth Toepper, Joe Prusak, Greg Arnt, Tony DuBois, Samantha Yarusso, Josh Bazey, Micheal Rukamp, Shane Gerwing, James Giossi, Kyle Hallin, Jim Giossi, Cory Bruggeman, Shawn Carlson, Jesse Krause, Jared Gorka
WISSOTA Modifieds
Heat 1 – Scott Splittstoesser, Keith Tourville, Brandon Jensen, Chet Atkinson, Shawn Kelley, John Meeds (DNF), Jake Miller (DNS)
Heat 2 – Kevin Adams, Justin Oestrich, Bruce Tourville, Kelly Anderson, Adam Ayotte, Steve Lavasseur (DNF), Kyle Steffen (DNF)
Feature – Scott Splittstoesser, Brandon Jensen, Justin Oestrich, Steve Lavasseur, Kelly Anderson, Keith Tourville, Shawn Kelley, Chet Atkinson, John Meeds, Kyle Steffen, Adam Ayotte, Bruce Tourville, Kevin Adams, Jake Miller
Traditional Sprints
Heat 1 – Mike Mueller, Kevin Bradwell, Jon Lewerer, Mike Walters, Tom Porter, Tony Kaus
Heat 2 – Cam Shafer, Tommy Kamrath, Jake Kouba, D Taubert, Alex Peper (DNF), Joseph Kouba Heat 3 – Rob Caho Jr., Chase Viebrock, Jeff Pellersels, Jimmy Kouba, Denny Stordahl, Scott Brandt
Feature – Cam Shafer, Jon Lewerer, Rob Caho Jr., Mike Mueller, Chase Viebrock, Jake Kouba, Jeff Pellersels, Tommy Kamrath, Jimmy Kouba Mike Walters, Denny Stordahl, Tom Porter, Joseph Kouba, Kevin Bradwell, Scott Brandt, D Taubert, Alex Peper, Tony Kaus
Micro Sprints
Heat 1 – Ty Sampair, Shawn Kelley, Dustin Berger, Jack Berger, Tyler Larson
Heat 2 – Val Urman, Grant McIntosh, Bryan Patrick, Al Sachs, Pat Heilman
Feature – Ty Sampair, Val Urman, Jack Berger, Grant McIntosh, Dustin Berger, Bryan Patrick, Pat Heilman, Tyler Larson, Al Sachs, Shawn Kelley
Pure Stocks
Heat – Ben Kaphing, Robert Thompson, Don Cook, John Erickson, Darren Kohler
Feature – Ben Kaphing, Don Cook, John Erickson, Robert Thompson, Darren Kohler
Future Fours
Heat – Bob Carver Jr.,Damon Roberts, Duane Roberts, Nicki DuBois, Brock Anderson, Tim Thoennes, Karl Anderson, Derrick Johnson, Kaleb Rharr, Kayla L’Allier
Feature – Damon Roberts, Bob Carver Jr., Nicki DuBois, Brock Anderson, Tim Thoennes, Derrick Johnson, Kaleb Rharr, Duane Roberts, Kayla L’Allier, Karl Anderson

Article Credit: Terry Lehnertz

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